Why do we waste our time on social media?

Why do we waste our time on social media?

Social media is a virtual world where addiction is commonly found. Mainly teenagers get the addiction on this where they spent hours and hours at this. They spend a lot of time thinking the number of followers they have earned or the number of likes they are getting on a picture. They chase after comments. Getting these give a satisfaction which can’t deny. But it is quite a waste of time. The real and simple happiness in the real world like reading a book or playing with friends or even having a meal together with our family can make you feel happier. These moments are to be cherished forever. I know there are multiple merits of social media. You can connect with your long-lost friends. You get the latest updates from around the world by just scrolling the news feed. It can be a part of your job or career. All you need is to use time wisely and not to lose track of time. And it won’t be an addiction. But now let’s discuss why do we waste time on social media.

1. Can’t define priorities

Let’s be very honest here. We all know gaining likes and followers will not earn your bread and butter unless you are using the social media platform as your career. The stars here spend a lot of time researching and preparing material to showcase in front of people. Others who are just here to satisfy their hunger for likes will face difficulties when stepping into the real world. Paying less attention to your education or work or other important priorities and spending more time uselessly on social media will make your life dull and meaningless after a few days.

2. Daydreaming and jealousy

Having a dream is good. To achieve it requires focus and hard work. But daydreaming satisfies people only momentarily in their own dimension. People are envious of simple issues like whose photograph got more likes or who has more followers. This false satisfaction can only be broken once they look into the real life. Daydreaming can help you escape the reality but how long can you run from it. People are even envious about the virtual wealth they acquire on games on social media. These interacting games can be fun when you can interact with people around the world. But it makes no sense when people are jealous about the wealth people have online. Be it an armour you earned it in a game or the army you created, people think of it as it was real and forget the thin line between reality and virtual world. If only it was bitcoin this would have made sense.

3. Trolling

Every social media user has come across trolls which are meant to be amusing to people. Well, trolls are not amusing to all. They are a mockery of some human or situation. These trolls call names, accuse people of something so as to make a negative impact on the mindset of the users. Trolling can be defining as poking someone over the internet. It is basically a sarcastic remark which is made by any arbitrary person because no one will charge you here. And others might as well enjoy it. The worst trolling is found in YouTube comments. People pick on each other for no apparent reason. The highly viewed videos have the most number of troll comments. Sometimes these begin with a people’s view and the counter attack to it. One might find amusing while reading the most bizarre and unrelated trolls on these videos. Be it thoughts of people of pictures, people come up with trolls. In pictures, people feel free to criticize a person and shame their appearance. Trolling has expanded to such an extent that cyberbullying has emerged out of it. Cyberbullying has the worst consequence till date. People have lost money over it. Worst case scenario has generated where people have lost life over it.

4. Fear of Missing Out

Abbreviated as “FOMO” is also a main reason why people waste their time on social media which in turn becomes addiction. Human psychology behaves in a way where we always think what other’s will think or react to something rather than one’s interest. It is more like following the trend. Many people who do not want to be a part of the trend, unwillingly follows the same due to “FOMO”. Same works to bring participation in social media. To be popular, not to be left out of the lot, people take part in spending time in social media, games and so on and so forth. Provoking posts like “the world is using. Where are you?” makes a person more vulnerable and giving up to “FOMO” just to know enough to talk to people when the topic is trending.

5. Validation

When you are on social media and post in some thought or photograph, people are there to like, comment and so on. The positive feedbacks give a validation to people that what they think is correct and accepted by all. It works for everyone. People feel satisfies and validated when people respond to them.  

But it is best for people to pay attention to the real world and use social media for its benefits. If people use these platforms wisely, they can turn into millionaires. You can learn so much from here. New business opportunities, techniques, crafts and so many things can make your way to success. You can know news from around the world. Many issues are well highlighted where you can participate and help others. If you want to sell something you made, you need not go to the local market and place it. You can promote it in the global market. You will also get to know the merits and demist of the product without a physical survey. So, make the most of the social media. It is immensely powerful.And let time be best used as it is very precious. Every second count.

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