Valentine Week List | All Day with Name, Dates, Schedule, Calendar & How to Celebrate

Valentine Week List 2018 | All Day with Name, Dates, Schedule, Calendar & How to Celebrate

Valentine’s Day is all about love. People cherishing, sharing, and showering love to their lovers or beloved or vice versa. The day has its roots from the 14th century, probably during the era of Geoffrey Chaucer, the time of courtly love tradition. By the 18th century, the day evolved as an occasion where lovers express their love to their beloveds with various flowers, cards, or greetings. On this special day, lord of love is prayed, so that he showers his blessings on each of us. In different countries the day is celebrated as the day of love where the theme remains common, that is LOVE.

Not just one day, the love season starts from the week before. Timetable is as follows, Here is the list the complete of Valentine Week 2018:

Rose Day7th February, 2018
Propose Day8th February, 2018
Chocolate Day9th February, 2018
Teddy Day10th February, 2018
Promise Day11th February, 2018
Hug Day12th February, 2018
Kiss Day13th February, 2018
Valentine’s Day14th February, 2018

How to celebrate Valentine Week?

We have listed the detailed  information of all days which will be celebrated on Valentine Week 2018:

(Day 1) – Rose Day

Rose Day 2018
Rose Day 2018

The love week starts with the Rose Day. Flowers stand as a notion of energy and passion and rose signifies love. So the exchange of the rose on this day signifies the exchange of energies among the lovers where theme is LOVE.

(Day 2) Propose Day

Propose Day 2018
Propose Day 2018

The second day of the week is Propose Day. On this day people usually express their love and feelings to their partners. Generally man proposes his lady with his passionate and emotional words.

(Day 3) Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day 2018
Chocolate Day 2018

The third day of the week is Chocolate Day. Chocolate stand as a signifier of sweetness. So giving the chocolate to your love on this day usually means that it will bring sweetness in your life ahead.

(Day 4) Teddy Day

Teddy Day 2018
Teddy Day 2018

Fourth day of the week is Teddy Day. Teddies in some study refer to as a greatest blessing. Probably this is the reason; Teddy Day is celebrated in the Valentine’s week. Lover hopes that his beloved gets all the happiness and blessings in her life.

(Day 5) Promise Day

Promise Day 2018
Promise Day 2018

Fifth day of the week is celebrated as Promise Day. By celebrating this day; lovers show their loyalty towards each other by promising that they will stay together forever.

(Day 6) Hug Day

Hug Day 2018
Hug Day 2018

Sixth day of the week is Hug Day. On this day lovers hug each other and want them to stay together forever. The hug also means that their partner surrounds the entire world.

(Day 7) Kiss Day

Kiss Day 2018
Kiss Day 2018

Seventh day of the week is Kiss Day. Lovers kiss each other to show their passion for each other.

(Day 8) Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day 2018
Valentine’s Day 2018

The week comes to an end with Valentine’s Day. It is a special day for the couples irrespective of their age. The day is seen as the couple’s day where they stay together and make all the promise to be together forever and also celebrate it to the fullest.

Valentine’s day is seen as the day to showcase your love; if you haven’t done in a long while. Even if you have done, then also celebrate it as a special day as the embankment of your love for each other. Celebrate with the fullest. Spread love.

Few Other Days After Valentine’s Week You Should Know

Slap Day15th February, 2018
Kick Day16th February, 2018
Perfume Day17th February, 2018
Flirting Day18th February, 2018
Confession Day19th February, 2018
Missing Day20th February, 2018
Break Up21st February, 2018


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