Top 4 Major Causes of Water Pollution

Top 4 Major Causes of Water Pollution

Looking at the parched and dry lands of Africa and the areas which are covered with thousands of miles of desert sand, one begins to realize the importance of a few drops of fresh water. More than three-fourths of the planet is covered with seas and oceans, but that water is not fit for human consumption. Rain water, river water, stream water, lake water, etc. are the sources of fresh water. Air and water are the life forces and without them no life can exist on this planet. However, the water that is fit for human consumption must be pollution free.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. Water is the basic need for every life on the earth since the evolution of living organism. Yet its importance is not realized by the people and is misused. Water pollution is one of the major causes of the degradation of the water quality. In simple words, water pollution is an epidemic to the several water bodies like lake, river, ocean, groundwater etc. In our day to day life we have been going through the issues regarding water pollution and its adverse effect on the health of the people, how the people are suffering and how the government is implementing plans and policies to make the water pollution free. Water is one of the abundant compounds on the surface of the earth yet people are not being able to utilize it in an efficient manner. The industrialized countries mostly struggle with the problem of water pollution.

1. Water is typically referred as polluted when it gets mixed up with the contaminants which are not supported for the human use such as for drinking, cooking and bathing. The natural phenomenon like earthquake, volcano eruptions, flood, landslide etc can also degrade the quality of the water by mixing it up with the harmful dust particles and the chemicals.

2. One of the sizable causes of the pollution of the water is the industrialization because of which the harmful chemicals, organic and inorganic substances are disposed by the industries into several water resources. This also causes thermal pollution which is the rise or fall of the temperature of the body of water resources. A common cause of thermal pollution is the use of water for the coolant by the power plants and the industrial manufacturers.

3. Sewage has been regarded as the cause of the pollution of water. With billions of people living on this planet, disposal of sewage in the water resource has become a major issue. The unmanaged sewage system causes several diseases like diarrhoea which kills 3-4 million children every year.

4. Every toilet is connected to the septic tanks which are located outside the house. Each time the toilet is flushed, it goes to the tank where the solid and the liquid particles are separated. The liquid is drained out to the land drainage system from where it gets escaped to the water bodies. This causes pollution. Ocean and marine dumping has also been studied thoroughly as the major cause of water pollution. People dump waste compounds, papers, and other particles into the oceans and water bodies.  This increases the chances of water pollution.

Water covers the 70% of the earth surface and we think that how there can be scarcity of water? This is a big question. Yes, it is true that we have abundant water but the problem is that there is raising crisis in the flow of fresh water.

“Nature provides us free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.” We have been provided with ample source of water but the thing is that we should use it in an efficient way rather than destroying it.

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