Marriage is one of the most important part of an individual’s life. It not just unites two people, rather, two souls. They truly said that one is incomplete without a life partner.

Marriage is the ultimate destination for people in love or the one’s who are in search of love. Be it love or arranged, marriage has that strength to let two individuals spend their lives together despite all the ups and downs.

Newly weds these days look forward to honeymoon trips as soon as they get married which actually proves to be good for their relationship making their bonds grow stronger.

We bring you 10 most ideal places in India to spend your honeymoon this year-


Kerala is situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of south western India and is one  of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It is also named as one of the ten paradises of the world. It is famous for its eco tourism and beautiful backwater. It is also known for its mountain ranges and wildlife sanctuaries.

Best season to visit Kerala is between October to February.


Shimla is the largest city of Himachal Pradesh. Attractions in Shimla are buildings styled in Tudorbethan and neo-gothic architectures, temples and churches. Major attractions include mall road, Christ church, jakhoo temple and the ridge.

Best season to visit Shimla is between april mid to july and mid September to mid November.


Manali is situated in Himachal Pradesh near the end of kullu. Manali is said to have the most beautiful mountains in India.

Best season to visit Manali is between September and june.


Sikkim is usually a less preferred place for honeymoons but still grabs a fourth position in our list resultant of its beautiful sceneries.

Best season to visit Sikkim is between October and may.


Darjeeling is a town situated in West Bengal located in the lesser Himalaya. One of the most known place in Darjeeling to definitely visit is the Rock Garden.

Best season to visit Darjeeling is between march to mid june and October to December.


It is known to everyone that Kashmir is the queen of mountains. And Srinagar is a must to visit if you plan for a trip to Kashmir. They rightly said that if there is heaven on earth, its only in Kashmir.

You can plan a trip to Srinagar any time in the entire year. Its always exquisite.


Jaipur is known for the monuments and the culture it has. Cherry on cake is that the food in Jaipur is so delicious that one will never forget that taste. People in Jaipur are the most welcoming.

Best season to visit Jaipur is between October and march.


Goa is an all time favourite place to visit for people living in north who never get to enjoy the beauty of a beach. People who love sitting near a beach and spend their time can definitely go for Goa.

Best time to visit Goa is between November and march.


It is known as the queen of the Nilgiris. Ooty is one of the most famous tourist places. Attractions in Ooty are botanical garden, pykara lake, shooting point any much more.

Best season to visit Ooty is between april to june and September to October.


Lonavla is a hill station surrounded by valleys near Mumbai. Budhist shrines Karla and Bhaja caves are the centre of attraction. Also there are massive sculptures for people who have an interest in such kind of ancient evidences.

One can visit Lonavla any time since weather remains the same throughout the year.

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