Sakht Launda Memes, Images, Video, Photos, Trolls, Social Viral Posts

Sakht Launda Memes, Images, Video, Photos

Sakht Launda Memes

Who doesn’t like to come across good memes to have a few laughs after a tough day at work? With the meme phenomenon taking hold of the online space, it is great to see humour being applied to review current affairs and trends across the globe. And that’s not all. Even when you are having the worst day or a broken heart, memes can make you forget your worries and see the bright side of things, at least temporarily. That’s why you have Sakht Launda, your friend in need, to remind you that nothing in life should be taken too seriously.


Arey ab to pighal jao!!Name that #SakhtLaunda

Posted by Canjuice on Monday, 12 February 2018

Sakht Launda Video


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