How to Use Curd for Hair: 13 Effective Ways for Strong Hair

How to Use Curd for Hair: 13 Effective Ways for Strong Hair

It is rightly stated that a healthy and shiny hair does enhances our looks. Sometimes going back to our roots helps a great deal in resolving more or less of our daily botherations, Curd has almost most of the properties that can help do away with most of them being an excellent tonic for the hair.

Curd when mixed with different herbs like methi powder, amla, egg, lemon etc. does wonders for your hair. Let’s see how

  1. The Pure curd pack

Massaging the curd on your scalp for 4-5 minutes in its natural form can do wonders to your hair. Just spread it along the length of your hair and leave it for an hour. Rinse for the shiner and stronger hair.

  1. Amla Powder in curd

A pack of amla powder with curd acts as an amazing ayurvedic remedy to deal with scalp issues and antagonize hair fall.

  1. Curd with Egg York

Egg York not only gives your hair a health breakthrough but also stops it from falling by treating it with a mask opulent in lactic acid and proteins.

  1. A combination of Curd with Gram Flour

To have stronger roots and prevent the hair from falling mix gram flour with curd. Repeat it twice a week for best results.

  1. Curd with Fenugreek Powder and onion juice

Methi powder when combined with fresh curd and onion juice and applied to the scalp not only reduces hair loss, but also makes hair healthy

  1. Curd and Lemon

A combination of curd and lemon juice can help you get rid of dandruff and reduce hair fall by making your hair healthy.

  1. Curd, Egg and Almond Oil

A mixture of whole eggs, almond oil and curd provides nourishment to our hair

  1. Curd With Olive Oil

Treat your flaky scalp with the nourishing properties of olive oil mixed with curd.

  1. Curd and Honey

A combination of antibacterial and moisturizing properties of pure honey and goodness of curd in equal proportion helps in improving the health of the hair and eventually decreases the hair fall over a period of time

  1. Curd and Pepper

To get rid of dandruff ,for strengthening of the roots and lessening of hair fall mix pepper with plain curd and apply all over your scalp.

  1. Curd with Banana Pulp

A paste of curd and banana pulp acts as a moisturizing and conditioning hair pack preventing Dry and frizzy hair from falling.

  1. Curd, Honey and Lemon

Often referred to as a power pack for fighting dandruff, flaky scalp and frizzy hair.

  1. Curd with Camphor

The bald patches on your scalp caused by hair fall can be treated effectively with curd and camphor pack by applying it to the bald areas and wash off after 2-3 hours. Practice it as frequently as possible to see satisfactory outcomes.

Curd not only conditions hair by fighting the chemicals found in store-bought conditioners, but also repairs the dry and damaged hair due to the presence of its moisturizing properties. When hair follicles do not receive proper nourishment they tend to weaken and applying yogurt will give them the nutrients and vitamins like B5 and D and will stop the hair fall and accumulation of dandruff.


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