How to Reduce Anger? These 9 Amazing Tips Will Help You to Relax

How to Reduce Anger? These 9 Amazing Tips Will Help You to Relax

Does your blood pressure take a rocket launch when someone refuses to listen to you? Do you want to smash the person who gets on your nerves?  Anger Anger Anger!!!! These all are the angry emotions, but believe it or not a healthy one but needs your immediate attention and has to be dealt with severity.

Consider these 9 anger management tips.

  1. Think before you speak

The words once spoken can never be done unspoken again, thus in the heat of the moment never say something that would be regretted later on. When furious always take time to collect your thoughts and then speak. 

  1. Exercise

Physical activity not only reduces stress, but can bring about a positive change in your mood too. When you see your anger is heightening choose to go for a brisk walk or run or play your favorite sport. You will see your anger level coming down. 

  1. Don’t hold a grudge

Learn to forgive. It’s a very potent tool. If your anger and negativity overpowers your positive feelings you will always land up being more bitter and biased. Forgiving people who were the cause of your anger is not easy, but if you master this art you not only learn so much, but also strengthens your relationship. 

  1. Know when to seek help

There is no harm is asking for help. When you feel you cannot do alone with your anger, seek help to control it or lessen it before you do things you regret or hurt people around you.Go for anger management programs that involves counselling. Therapists often help us to deal with anger related issues. 

  1. Follow a mantra

When furious always follow a mantra like go with your breaths. Follow the sound, your breathing will eventually calm you down or better stick to the old age tradition of tackling the anger, Count 1-10. It is said by the time we do this counting, we are not only calming ourselves down but also abstaining the time where we would land up doing something we would regret.

  1. Speak your heart out

Discussing your feelings and situations with a person you trust gives a different perspective on the situation changing our actions. Learn to state your concerns clearly without getting into an argument or hurting others. 

  1. Identify possible solutions

Do not focus on the problem as to why you are angry or what made you angry, work on the possible solutions as to what can be done to bring the situation under control. 

  1. Love yourself

Relax  regularly and get enough sleep. Give yourself priority. Do not induldge in drugs and alcohol, they would only worsen the problem. 

  1. Don’t let your inner lawyer come out

Denunciation always doesn’t work. Do not play the blame game. Work on the causes and solutions. Once the causes have been studied, the solution can be easily found out. 

So the next time you get angry, just close your eyes and think about all those pictures in your phone, your Facebook and Instagram posts and about your loved ones. Believe me when you will open your eyes anger would have faded away.

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