How to Get Soft Pink Lips? Try These Easy 11 Home Remedies Today

How to Get Soft Pink Lips? Try These Easy 11 Home Remedies Today

Lips are the most winsome feature of a woman’s beauty. Origin of dark lips accounts to excessive sunlight exposure, medicinal allergy, use of low-trait cosmetics, low blood circulation smoking, high  intake of caffeine  and hormonal lopsidedness.

Dark lips could be lightened naturally by using home remedies effectively

1. Glycerine

Our lips often become darker due to dryness which can treated by using glycerine as it would nourish your lips overnight. Apply it on your lips before going bed with a cotton and wake upto desired results.

2.Cucumber juice

Cucumber’s skin lightening and cooling properties not only helps the skin but is alsoequivalent effectihelps remove tan by lightening the lips and reducing the dark patches on them.

3.Toothbrush exfoliation

Regular exfoliation is required for pink lips .To wash off the dead skin take a moist toothbrush and rub it on your lips lightly. This not only sloughs the dead skin but will also make the lips  soft and pink by stimulating the blood flow .


Regular moisturization leads to  soft, and pink lips. During very hot or cold weather when lips become dried out and flaky it is very important to keep your lips glossy with  mosturiser

 5.No traces of makeup while sleeping

Sleeping overnight  with makeup can cause lips to become discolored and flaky .Do not forget to  remove lipstick  with an effective but not harmful  make-up remover as it would obliterate your lips.

6.Wearing SPF lip balms

Sun damage not only dries out the lips but also caused their discoloration. Wearing a lip balm regulary with an SPF  would protect your lips from damage caused by harmful sun ray .

7.Say no to smoking

Our lips get stained by the tobacco in cigarettes which turns dark. Therefore, the only infallible way to improve your lips appearance is to stop smoking. Not only your lips but your lungs will also thank you for it .

8.Stay hydrated

Moisturizing lotions and balms hydrate your lips on the outside but for more effective results make sure your body is well hydrated , you should make an effort to hydrate them from within. It is advisable to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily, for healthy and smooth lips.Also,incorporate in your diet fruits with high water content such as melons and tomatoes and cucumber.

9.Pomegranate seeds and milk help to get pink lips

When a paste of pomegranate seeds and some milk cream. Is applied regularly it blossoms our lips turning them into pink and supple

10. Rose Petals

Rose Petals when mingled with milk and formed into a paste helps to keep the lips pink and smooth, by embracingthe natural color and hydrating them due to the presence of skin lightening properties.

11.Lemon juice helps to lighten your lip’s shade

Whena thin slice of lemon with some sugar sprinkled on it is rubbed on lips ,they would begin to lighten.

It is due to lemon’s natural bleaching  properties .

Apart from these a raspberry and aloe vera paste, Amalgamating honey, sugar and almond oil together, turmeric also helps in getting pink and rosy lips.Also,sometimes toothpaste is even the reason for dark lips ,make sure to pick a herbal one.

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