How to be Happy: 10 Amazing Ways to be a Happy Person

How to be Happy: 10 Amazing Ways to be a Happy Person

Happiness is inversely proportional to materialistic possessions and directly connected to a  sense of satisfaction and finding joy even in the smallest of the things.In today’s world it has become more of a necessity as we people forget even to smile in this rat race.

Want to be happy? Stop finding it outside. Just follow  below 10 simple steps:

  1. Change the outlook

People have a have a natural inclination to recall negative experiences but forget positive ones.

If we start looking for it we get it start seeking positivity in everything by occupying your mind with positive thoughts.

It’s significant to think about even the greatest setbacks as experiences we can learn from for great results in the future. Don’t let the past traumas haunt you as they can be the greatest source of depression.

  1. Run for fun

Insula- The area of the brain responsible for  overall happiness Is triggered by Meditation, yoga, Chanting or spiritual reflection. Physically active people tend to be more enthusiastic and excited because of the mood elevating chemical in brain which is released when we do exercise. 

  1. Capture moments

Learn to capture every moment that is worth remembering through a picture or a video as this will train your brain to be happier by acknowledging the beauty of small moments.

  1. Learn to give

Gratitude not only reduces depression, also strengthens your relationships with others, and encourages compassion. Doing something kind for someone in need gives a sense of satisfaction. Giving a privilege to an underprivileged gives you satisfaction.

  1. Own yourself

When you embrace your personality, your habits, Learn to be comfortable with yourself will not only help you to become confident  but would also lead a step ahead to a happier life.Never apologize for being you, change only for betterment not for others. Your decisions should be value driven not imposed by others.

  1. Set achievable goals and targets

Set goals that are aligned with your core values as these are achieved more easily and results in sheer happiness .Keep your goals action-oriented. Don’t set a goal that relies on others’ actions for success.

  1. Relations over materials

In today’s mobile society an iPhone cannot replace your loved ones but using the technology wisely i.e. facetime or skype can definitely help you connect with your overseas friends and family .Materialistic people are often struggle with happiness .Earn as much as you want but not at the cost of family and friends.

  1. Go extra mile

It is important to step outside the comfort zone to foster the personal growth, increases the productivity, pushes us to take risks and try harder because of the unfamiliarity with our situation. This will give a sense of satisfaction and also makes us happy thinking we have achieved something out of our periphery. 

  1. Have deep, meaningful conversations

Happiness increases when we have meaningful conversations and connect internally rather than beating about the bush.Discussing your ideas about life, hopes, and dreams and openly sharing positive feelings gives happiness

  1. Work where you don’t have to take a holiday

Find happiness in your job, by making your passion your work, this way you would not feel the need to go on holiday after every point of time. Do not expect the new job to completely change your level of happiness.

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