8 Super Ways to Increase Concentration Power

8 Super Ways to Increase Concentration Power

Concentration is the act of focussing the entire attention to one place. It requires a great dea of effort and time. Often a person is washed out with  down with a throng of thoughts from various everyday events, thereby reducing the focus. When the undivided concentration is paid it hampers one’s performance and arouses negative emotions like unhappiness and dissatisfaction. We need to understand when we need to work towards our concentration improvement rather than ignoring it.

Following are the 8 ways in which we can increase our concentration power.

  1. Rest is the key mantra

Rest is one of the major factors affecting the concentration. It is very important to keep our mind fresh and relax. If you do not get enough amount of sleep your mind will be disturbed and scattered and its thinking power will also be affected. At the same time oversleeping also disrupts your natural rhythm and can make you lazy.

  1. Be organized

Always have a plan ready In hand before you sit on doing something. When we sit down to work on a project without a blueprint we always catch ourselves doing activities that are least needed like swapping the channels, chatting or browsing the web. To avoid these always have a plan ready beforehand and after an interval of time keep a check as to how many milestones have been covered.

  1. Workout

Exercising and meditating regularly will definitely improve our concentration power. In fact in meditation concentration is the foremost thing we learn. A daily period of meditation gives us the chance to work specifically on concentration techniques. If we are physically weak we will never be able to concentrate properly. Therefore to be physically fit and boost up your energy is it very important to workout regularly.

  1. Work in breaks

Working at a stretch will not only make it boring after a point of time, but also put a constraint on our concentration power. So it is very important to take breaks at regular intervals so that we will be more actively involved in our project and our interest is maintained.

  1. Practice makes the man perfect

Concentration is like any other activity. The more we practice the better our concentration will become. To excel in anything training is mandatory. Similarly, concentration is like a muscle which gets stronger with exercise.

  1. Give time to yourself

Often referred to as alone time, this time is very important to be yourself and to drift away all the thoughts coming in your mind so that the way for concentration is cleared out. Keep some time aside for all the unfettered thoughts to keep your brain concentrated on the task in hand.

  1. One thing at a time

Regular switching between the unfinalised projects is not suggested. It would not only affect your concentration, but will also decrease your productivity. When we are working on some project with full concentration and we suddenly take a new task in our hand, we would not be able to devote the same concentration level on the other project.

  1. Desk, No bed

A bed is to sleep and a desk is a place to work, why to complicate such a simple thing. If we work on bed our mind will send us associations subconsciously, there by inviting sleep. This leads to counter productivity and as a result we are not able to concentrate properly on the given task.

Hope you are able to concentrate more now.

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