8 Amazing Ways To Overcome Fear

8 Amazing Ways To Overcome Fear

It is perfectly normal to have fears. Everyone has that, the difference is just some people show it and have the courage to fight with it and stand against it while some people never dare go that way again.

Some have the fear of public speaking or from the injection. When we experience fear our heartbeat starts racing, we feel dizzy, start sweating, in worst cases we may even faint or die but we need to escape from that situation.

  1. Identify the source

All fears are not true. Some are just the illusions in our head, we imagine a certain situation and think it is real. This is a common sight when we watch a horror movie and starts imagining the main horror character in front of us. Specify what exactly are you aware of and even does it really exists or not.

  1. Gratitude

When fear strikes think about all the good things. Learn to help others would help you. If you are an introvert and feel shy, focus on helping people. This would only make you feel good about yourself.

  1. Jot it down

You cannot get your fears out if they stay only in your mind. Make a list of what all fears are there which fears you, write their possible causes and solutions and start working upon them.

  1. Talk talk talk

Believe it or not but talking about your fears will give you a completely different aspect of looking towards your fear and may be the fear which you may have fearing till now gets washed off with time.

  1. Set a role model

If you have a question as to how would you succeed or what happens if you fail, don’t let this fear daunt you. A good life coach can help you get out of this fear simply by examining what exactly you want in your life and where the clarity is needed.

  1. Books

Sometimes going back to our roots helps a great deal in solving some of the problems. Believe it or not reading a good book on your specific fear can open the windows as to how eliminate your fear. Watching a movie or a documentary on your topic can be as illuminative as reading a good book. 

  1. Stop predicting

Half of the fears does not exist in real life and when we put all our thoughts in a negative way we are submitting ourselves to the other half of the fears.  We usually make a big deal out of nothing. Stop being a psychic and start predicting things on your own. No!!!!

  1. Learn to accept the failure

Fears settle down when we give up on certain things. Learn to accept that failure is a part of our life which is there to teach us something so that we can grow in life. Take the failure just as a stepping stone and not a road block and make a fear out of it.

Christopher Coan has correctly said “Fear cannot take what you do not give it.”Then why are we giving ourselves to fear. Learn to fight.

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