20 Best Shampoos for Hair in India

20 Best Shampoo for Hair in India

Hairs are very easily tends to get easily damaged with external and internal factors, external factors such as dirt, pollution and uneven weather conditions affects the hairs miserably from outside like the hair texture will get damaged and dullness occurs, the internal factors consist of the bad food habits which leads to nutrition imbalance which causes hair fall. The hair needs special care to keep it healthy and more shiner. The Indian market is having lots of hair care produt brands with branded hair care series of products including shampoos, conditioners, hair serum, live in creams, hair oils etc.

The market has so many shampoos brand claiming to be the best in providing healthy, bouncy hair, preventing dandruff, hair fall and helping in lustrous hair growth. Here are list of few well-known brand shampoos available in the Indian. Every hair is different and every hairs requirement is different, one needs to pick the best that suits their hair. You can see best shampoo in India for faster hair growth that are available in the market.

  1. Tresemme Smooth and Shine Shampoo

This shampoo has gained popularity in the past few days and promises to offer salon style hair treatment. With a glamorous black packaging, this is easy to carry and travel friendly. It gives you salon style hair which is lustrous, glossy and thick in texture.

The shampoo gives a nice lather and is easy to rinse off. It brings down hair fall and breakage issues as it contains Vitamin H and silk protein and it also promotes hair growth and gives hair volume. It is a non-greasy medium consistency shampoo.

Amazon- Rs 256

2. Matrix OptiCare Smooth Shampoo

It is a professional hair care brand available in India, It is basically meant for dry and damaged hairs. It is loaded with Silk Amino acids and shea butter to help and protect dull and chemically treated hair to give it a shiner and healthier look. It is suitable for all hair types.

It comes in nice handy packaging suitable for travel purpose. This product not only tamed down the chemically treated hair but the essential conditioning rich amino acids controls the fizziness and also protects the hairs from sun damage.

Amazon- Rs 450

3. WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

It is organic influenced shampoo contains no sulphate and parabens which is the ultimate selling point of the shampoo at very reasonable rate. It is very mild and gentle to hairs and contains natural detox formula, and it also removes scaly build-ups and it is safe and effective for all hair types and both men and women can use this product.

It is having very sleek brown packaging promises to restore hair shine and smoothness. This product is cruelty free and is pure natural and vegetarian hence it is claim to be safer for hair and scalp. It balances the pH level pf the scalp and promotes healthy hairs.

Amazon- Rs 399 for 300 ml

4. OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo

This product is ultimate for hair which is really dull and life less .it consist of Brazilian cocoa nut oil and keratin proteins smoothens and strengthen the wavy and curly hairs. This is sulphate free product.

This product is safe for colour treated hairs and its Keratin protein helps to strengthen and soften the hairs and this product is sodium free which is a plus point for hair and it is also cruelty free means this is not tested on animals.

Amazon- Rs 750

5. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser Shampoo

It comes in nice handy packaging which is very travel friendly and it is also available in the form of pouches which is super convenient to use. It is the product of Patanjali Ayurveda, hence it claims to be a totally herbal product containing milk protein, aloevera, heena, ritha, shikakayi and it is available in all these form of variants which are magical ingredients of hairs.

As it is a wholly natural product it cares and nourishes the hairs without any harm of chemicals and in the long run this products promises to prevent hairfall, dandruff, flaky scalp and promotes hair growth with heathy and clear scalp.

Amazon- Rs 75 for 200 ml

6. St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo

This shampoo is perfect blend of science and nature, this shampoo has plenty of super good ingredients which makes hair naturally straight and gives it more volume and lustre, This shampoo is paraben and sulphate free, which is absolutely amazing as parabens are proved to cause cancer in the long term usage.

This shampoo contains goodness of plenty of oils such as Argan, JoJoba oil, Almond oil, Rosemerry oil, Morocaan oil etc which deeply penetrates into the hair and conditions the roots and makes the hairs soft and supple. It is a boon for dry and damaged hairs as it deeply hydrated the dullness of the hairs and makes it more vibrant and healthy.

Amazon- Rs 434 for 100 ml

7. Toni & Guy for Dry Hair Cleanse Shampoo

TONI & GUY Cleanse Shampoo for Dry Hair delivers deep moisturization for intense nourishment and improved manageability. It gently cleans your hair to restore natural softness and healthy shine for everyday vitality. It completely hydrates dull and dry hair and repairs it and gives the hairs the shine and moisturisation it requires.

TONI & GUY is the brand used by professionals to style celebrities and this is the premium shampoo of Cleanse and nourish range to treat dull and dry hair.

Amazon -Rs 600 for 250 ml

8. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo

This shampoo works to restores the heath and shine to your hairs. This shampoo contains keratin actives, which penetrated directly into the hair and helps in rebuilding the dull and damaged hair. The formula present in this shampoo repairs signs of surface damage, makes your hair look and feel smother and stronger.

This shampoo comes in nice bottle packaging which is convenient to use and is absolutely travel friendly, This shampoo is fine for dull hairs hence it nourish and repair the appearance of damaged hair.

Amazon- Rs 210

9. L’Oreal Paris Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo

This product promises to nourish and illuminates the hair. It provides protection to hair fibre and promotes hair growth, this shampoo is ideal for totally chemically damaged hair and removes the hair fizziness which occurs due to regular use of heating tools.

This shampoo claims to give mirror shine hairs with cashmere and soft touch, this provides hair fibre with balanced nourishment and also acts as real shine concentrate on hairs, which gives extra shine to the hair.

Amazon- Rs 132 for 175 ml

10. Khadi Natural Herbal Amla and Bhringraj Shampoo

This shampoo consists extracts of amla, reetha, bhringraj, haritaki, henna and neem, which are all herbal and natural ingredients and these ingredients helps hairs to make them manageable, lustrous and healthy. This shampoo is just like hair tonic which boosts hair growth and prevents dandruff, split ends, dullness. It is also parabens and SLS free which is a plus point for any hair shampoo.

Amazon- Rs 199 for 210 ml

11. Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing & Straitening Shampoo For & Damaged Hair

This shampoo is especially for dry and damaged hair and helps in converting into soft and irresistible touch. This shampoo is having silk extracts for making hair smooth from root to tip.

This shampoo is suitable for curly and wavy hairs. This kind of hairs needs moistourisation and extra nourishment because they are easily get affected by climate and this shampoo gives volume and vitality to the hair.

Amazon- Rs 505 for 250 ml

12. Vaadi Herbals Pink Lotus Shampoo

This is wholly natural product from Ayurveda brand from Vaadi Herbals, this shampoo promises to give intense care to coloured hair. The Pink Lotus extract revitalizes the chemically damaged hair cells, while preventing colour from fading. Honey, provides deep conditioning and luster to treated hair.

This shampoo consists honey suckle extract which is extremely good for chemically effected hairs and especially for wavy coloured hairs, it provides intense repair for them.

Amazon- Rs 155 for 350 ml

13. Herbline Henna Liquorice Shampoo

It is pure and natural product from a brand called Herbline, as this claim to be made with all natural ingredients, it promises for hair growth and provides stronger and youthful hairs with extra intense care and rejuvenates it from inside.

This shampoo is enriched with all ingredients which we get from Mother Nature and these are loaded with Henna, amla, reetha extract which makes the hair root and strand stronger from inside.

Amazon- Rs 171 for 200 ml

14. Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo

This shampoo is all about treating your hair to the natural goodness of herbs and organic ingredients, This shampoo is easy on the pocket with its reasonable pricing and has earned a lot of faithful following in the Indian market. It adds volume to the hair and does not cause any damages. It is extremely helpful in keeping the scalp clean and turning the hair smooth.

It is a blend of pure walnut bark, musk root, amla, soap nut and black malva flowers. Its PH balanced formula shuns the hair loss and keeps the mane lustrous and healthy. With its bestayurvedic hair shampoo, this product has therapeutic properties which is good for your hair and all these qualities makes it one of the best shampoo in India.

Amazon- Rs 99 for 120 ml

15. Himalaya Anti-Hair fall Shampoo

Himalaya is a brand which needs no introduction, this brand is known for years in the range of providing herbal and health care products and just by name it makes its highest selling point in India.

This shampoo is well suited for all hair types. If you want to fight against hair fall in most natural way, with a shampoo that does not have parabens or sulphates, then Himalaya anti hair fall is perfect for you. It eliminates hair infections, improves its texture and strength and prevents hair breakage and hence promotes hair growth instead of hair fall.

Amazon- Rs 130 for 200 ml

16. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Again another shampoo from Tresemme, Tresemme keratin smooth shampoo is another variant from this range, This is again very good shampoo for wavy and dry damage hairs, as this product contains Keratin actives which are one form of protein and we all know how protein is very important for our hairs, so this shampoo not only nourishes your hair but conditions it from within and provides manageable look to the hair.

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo contains keratin rich molecules which are the main protein required by the hairs and this shampoo is having very mild sulphate which is also a point to make it on the hit list.

Amazon- Rs 80 for 100 ml

17. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Beer is known for its conditioning hair properties and Park Avenue incorporated this unique property in order to make shampoo which is a boon for dry, dull hairs.

Beer is also extensively used to strengthen the hair and add gloss to it. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is made of real beer. Beer is a well-known natural conditioner. So the shampoo not just cleanses the hair but also condition it as well.

Amazon – Rs 160 for 200 ml

18. Forest essentials Hair Cleanser Bengal Tuberose

This is the shampoo which contains all natural ingredients such as amla juice, soya protein reetha, coconut oil, and sandalwood essential oil. It gives a natural shine, swing and fragrance to the hair. This shampoo cleanses the hair effectively and also prevents bacterial infection.

This shampoo is well tested in well-known laboratories as Forest Essential is a well known Luxury Ayurveda brand. Hence it is a nutrient rich shampoo suitable for normal to dry hairs.

Amazon- Rs 1,175 for 200 ml

19. Garnier Ultra Blends Soy Milk and Almonds Shampoo

Hairs are actually mainly composed by protein and when hairs get damaged is mainly due to protein imbalance in the hair shaft. This shampoo consist of soy milk and almond extract which are known for replenishing the dry and damaged hairs.

This shampoo is ultra-blend of powerful concentrated form of soy milk and almonds which are rich in protein helps in constructing the damaged strands of the hair and gives it more volume and lustrous look with improved texture.

Amazon- Rs- 120 for 175 ml

20. Fabindia Tea Tree Shampoo

This is again wholly grain natural, herbal and mild shampoo with a very pleasant smell, this shampoo has extract of tea tree oil which has lots of benefits weather it is skin care or hair care.

Tea tree oil not only keeps hair heathy but due to presence of this ingredient, this shampoo cleanses hair very well and it is having very mild texture which does not affects the hair and the packaging of this shampoo is also user friendly and is not that complicated to use, just in wet hairs pour the diluted shampoo with water and after massaging rinse your hair properly. It gives very nice and pleasant fragrance too.

Amazon – Rs 350 for 200 ml

21. Fiama Di Wills Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

A common problem that everyone wishes to get rid of is the hair fall problem. This shampoo is perfect for people who have a hair fall problem. The is made by combining Exotic Brazil Nut Oil and Advanced Restore Technology which helps in reducing hair fall and also makes your hair 6 times stronger and healthier.

This shampoo is packaged in a white plastic opaque bottle with a flip open cap and is quite cool and convenient to use. It has a nice pleasant smell which remains even after your wash. Follow up the shampoo with a conditioner to have smoother hair. It is specifically formulated for weak hair to protect them from falling and give them stronger and heathier feel.

Amazon- Rs 140 for 200 ml

22. Aroma Magic China Rose Shampoo

This shampoo is having anti-fungal properties which make dandruff off from the scalp. Basically this is an herbal anti dandruff shampoo enriched with pure essential oil and herbal extract which not only removes dandruff but cures lots of other hair infection problems.

This shampoo fights against itching problem, flaking scalp, fungal attack in hairs and claims to provide totally clean and healthy scalp. This shampoo is herbal tested and proved to give total cleansing of hair and you will observe good results from its very first use.

Amazon- Rs 142 for 120 ml

Hence these were few of the best brands in India which provides best shampoos in reasonable price. We all know hairs play very important featuring role in enhancing beauty of every individual weather it is men or women. Taking care of hair has become such an tedious task due to lots of brands making thousands of new product daily, hence these products mentioned above are few fine and handpicked pieces which you can trust easily for your hair. So make sure to invest in right product.

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