10 Healthy Benefits of Neem Oil

10 Healthy Benefits of Neem Oil

Margosa Tree or better known as” Neem tree” believes to be originated in India .The average height of a neem tree can be 60feet and may live up to 200 years. Often referred to as “Sarva Roga Nirvarin “which means that it has the capability of curing every illness and ailment, be it the branches, flowers or even the roots of the trees. Nothing goes to waste!!!

Neem oil –The multipurpose herb which is extracted from neem tree has exceptional medicinal properties of curing diseases due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties

Here are 10 Healthy Benefits of Neem Oil

Due to the presence of the aspirin like compound and many nutrients neem oil is used in many home remedies to cure skin and related problems.

 1. Helps you stay young

The high level of antioxidants and carotenoids not only protects the skin from environmental damage but also helps you contra the age advocating radicals. When the skin absorbs the fatty acids and Vitamins present in neem oil it rejuvenates and smoothes wrinkles.

2. Fights Acne

Neem oil contains aspirin like amalgam which expunges the acne causing bacteria from the skin ,thus reducing the redness and inflammation.

3. Skin conditioner

Its herbal moisturizing formula gives us a crack and freckles free skin and the presence of fatty acids and vitamins in neem is extremely effective in healing dry and damaged skin.

4. Removes Pigmentation

Neem seed oil slows down the production of melanin, the skin coloring agent  in the skin making our skin fairer and thus reducing the pigmentation.

5. Healthy Hair

When neem oil diluted almond oil or coconut oil as neem result in healthier scalp and healthy hair thus promoting hair growth and resolving the thinning issues.

6. Helps fight Hair problems

Neem oil is a natural cure for dandruff, dry scalp and head lice. Being the main ingredient if many dandruff shampoos its regular usage can prevent dandruff from forming and maintains the scalp’s PH level. Neem also conditions rough and frizzy hair and its deep moisturisation repairs the unmanageable hair and split ends

 7. Shootouts bed bugs

Neem oil, when combined with other agents, can be safe and effective against bed bugs both at home and in commercial environments.

8. Serves as a Natural Insecticide

Azadirachtin is the important ingredient in neem oil prevents the unwanted pests from ruining the flora. Neem leaves are also placed in the pockets of woolen clothing to dodge off bugs. Neem products are frequently utilized as a cattle-feed supplement to kill parasites.

9. Mosquito Repellent

Neem oil mixed with coconut oil and applied to the exposed body parts of human provides complete protection from the mosquito bites.

10. Making Pet Care Products

Neem in pet care products is helpful to deter and kill ticks, lice  and other skin diseases in animals  also prevent the re-occurrence to a certain extent when added to their shampoo.

Risks and Side Effects

No matter how natural the product is, its dose should always be appropriate depending on user’s age and health conditions. Neem may appear safe but is possible that some anonymous interactions may exist. In such a condition, consult your doctor.

Next time when you suffer from Skin or Hair problems use Neem oil .Let us know in the comments section how you rate your usage of neem oil.

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