10 Effective Ways to Save Electricity

10 Effective Ways to Save Electricity

A small change to your lighting, gadgets and proper utilization of the electricity can do a great deal to conserve your electricity. A common household, annually, spends a lot of electricity for unused gadgets that are left unused. Most of the people living in their houses in urban and rural areas have electricity at their disposal, but unfortunately majority of such people do not know how to utilize electricity.

The following few alterations and remedial measures can save a lot of electricity, thus reducing the electricity bill: Replacing all the inefficient incandescent light bulbs with every efficient CLF bulbs can be very much helpful to save the energy. It implies that the cost of electricity goes up every winter; this is a fact whether you live in northern cooler area or southern warmer area. It does not mean that an individual should worry about the little things like charging cell phones or watching television but one should be conscious about the extra use of heaters, dryers and other big ticket items. Heaters, coolers, air-conditioners, water heaters, dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. are the gadgets that should be used very discreetly to save electricity.


Apply these 1o most effective ways to save electricity in your daily life:


1. Sustaining electricity delivers the double purpose of helping stop the global warming and saving a lot of money. In our day to day life we can use the natural lights whenever possible instead of depending upon artificial lights which can help in reducing the amount of electricity consumption. Saving electricity has become one of the major issues for everyone. In India still many parts of the rural areas are deprived of electricity.

2. “Today’s your wastage, can be tomorrow’s shortage”. If you do not think of saving the power today, then it can bring dark nights in your life tomorrow. Many campaigns are on foot and public announcements are made on radio and television on saving electricity, but we often forget to switch off the unnecessary lights in our houses. Why don’t we try to use natural light, by raising the curtains at our house? Why don’t we unplug the unnecessary gadgets? These all have became the hindrance in saving electricity.

3. Conservation is important, and you can do if you try. Saving electricity is not a big deal unless you give a try. We all can actually do our part to save the electricity. You can try to work today by applying following methods which can actually help in saving electricity:

4. Replace your bulbs with CLF or LED bulbs which can save a lot of electricity.

5. Unplug the unnecessary appliances when they are not in use. You might think that small gadgets do not consume much electricity and leave it unplugged. But your small effort can be some way for saving energy.

6. Use the air conditioner less frequently.

7. Sleep your computer when it is not in use,

8. Try to use natural energies during winters, try to avoid the heaters and get warmth from the sun.

9. Electricity is seen as a limitless resource. Use of solar energy can also be helpful in the reduction of electricity consumption. We rely on electricity to power up lights, appliances and electronics in our house. M any of us use electricity to provide our home with air conditioners and hot water. As we use more electricity, the electricity bill rises up and we get worried. Efficient products and energy saving practices can help us to save money.

10. In a nutshell, if we give an effort to save the electricity in our daily chores, then we can definitely be successful to reduce our bills and dark nights.


Saving electricity does not only save the money but it also saves the environment!

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